Rheh Talaran

The Rheh Talaran are a race of horses that live deep in the Ã…elfwood. They are in shape similar to quarterhorses, but are much stronger, each capable of carrying several hundred pounds without slowing. They are all golden in color with the occasional white marking on their brow. They all have bright green eyes that convey a sense of intelligence beyond what one might expect in a normal horse. They only rarely leave their forest home.

The Rheh are wild horses and cannot be tamed. Period. From time to time they consent to be steeds for the Elves and their kin, but they will serve as equal partners. If they are taken for granted they will leave and cannot be compelled to stay. Also, they choose who will ride them, not the other way around.

They can communicate after a fashion with their riders if they so choose. The words that the rider hears in their mind will always be in the form of a song or poem.

Their most singular quality is the way in which they travel. The Rheh can attain speeds of nearly 100 miles per hours through the air. When they do so, their hooves leave trails of fire in the air. This ability to fly at such speeds can be transferred to other horses, though this does slow the Rheh down some.

Rheh can mate with other horses. The offspring of such a mating is never a Rheh, but they are always stronger, faster, and more intelligent than a normal horse.

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