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Unlike other celestials, the nymphs have always been defined by their connections to the material world rather than the outer planes. Descendants of Artela and an unknown mortal, nymphs are always female; they reproduce by mating with mortals who catch their interest. Each nymph is bound to a host, a particular feature of the natural world — usually a tree, cave, lake or river. A nymph draws sustenance from the mana generated by its host, as well as any mana conduits that run through the area; a nymph whose host is destroyed cannot survive.

Because of their inherent vulnerability, nymphs are jealous guardians of the wild places where they live, and a mortal who injures or kills one nymph is likely to face retaliation from her sisters and cousins in the area.1 Nymphs are generally nonviolent, but they can cause trouble for mortals by altering local weather patterns or seducing and then imprisoning them, holding them in suspended animation within their trees, caves or waters.

A nymph draws some power from each of her children; dryads, or tree-nymphs, also draw power from each of the trees spawned from her host tree. If a nymph gains enough power in this way — or by tapping into a strong mana node — she can become a high nymph, transcending dependence on a single host and expanding her influence over an entire geographical area.

Nymphs resemble extremely beautiful human or Elven women, often with some features that resemble their hosts. Thus, dryads will have leafy hair, and cave-nymphs often have a stony appearance.

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