Daedra Lords
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Nephilim Dream Walkers
Mariliths Dread Nymphs
Balrogs Wraiths Incubi Succubae Dark Nymphs
Imps/Gremlins Hell Hounds

Those few mariliths who reach a level of achievement that is exceptional even among their own kind are elevated to the level of nephilim (NÉ-fə-LĒM).1 If the mariliths are the colonels of Hell, then the nephilim are the generals. They have only been seen on a few scant occasions in the entire history of the Lothanasi, and their appearance always heralds a calamity of earth-shaking proportions. Nephilim appear as towering humanoids, ten feet tall or more, with jet-black skin and surrounded by a thick aura of black smoke.

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