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The Muses are nine goddesses of inspiration, dedicated to the various artistic and creative pursuits. They are Samekkh's daughters, the result of a past relationship with Velena, but he does little to direct their activities. (He cares little for the illogical behavior of most artistic types.) The Muses' immediate supervisor is Sakkan, a celestial princess who some old tales say was a member of a previous pantheon that was defeated by the current gods and goddesses. According to the story, most of these subjugated deities sought to save themselves by swearing fealty to Lord Kammoloth and taking up low positions within the hierarchy of the Nine Heavens. Sakkan, Goddess of the Arts, was the last surviving member of the old pantheon to submit in this fashion, and she only did so in order to gain the help of the gods in saving her last worshipper from deadly peril. (Some legends also say that Sakkan was once a mere human woman who was apotheosized, but it is impossible to determine whether this story is true.)

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