Mage Leopard

Native only to the Outer Midlands

Mage leopard is a recent appearance and very rare. They look like a leopard in size and markings. They are smarter than normal leopards (but just short of human level) and are stronger and faster. The most remarkable thing is that they use magic. They have been witnessed using low level spells (level 1 & 2). They seem to cast this magic instinctively and the older the animal the more powerful the magic. Regular leopards are a warm climate animal but the Mage leopard thrives in spite of the cold winters. How they came about is a mystery but tales of their creation usually involve a mage either creating them or becoming the first one. A study of them by the Marigund mages guild has led to the belief that they were created by a magic user who decided to 'improve' the leopard. Most commonly found near the Aelfwood but 1 mated pair has been sighted in Tol Doron. There is a story going round that the pair in Tol Doron were deliberately released there by the Mages guild when they got tired of traveling all the way through Salinon to study the animals.

Attempts to hunt the Mage Leopard usually fail as you can never be sure who is the hunter and who is the hunted.

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