Introduced by: Stephen Tigner
Origin: Yamato

Much of this is spoilers because it hasn't been included in a story yet, parts have been hinted at, however. This is a work in progress, and will be subject to revision. It is being included here to apprise authors about what is planned for the Kirin.

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Kirin are magical creatures native to Yamato, and are the analogue of the western Unicorns in many respects. Westerners will often even mistake a Kirin for a unicorn. Sometimes this is due to ignorance, other times due to intentional effort on the part of the Kirin to pass itself off as a western unicorn. However, there are quite a few differences between the two species.


Kirin are known for their ability to discern the heart of a person; to judge guilt or innocence. The Kirin is said to be a fierce and fearsome beast when innocents are threatened, but usually is quite gentle. No two stories seem to agree on what exactly a Kirin's powers are, or what exactly it looks like.

Common legends speak of a chimera of sorts, with a scaly body, cloven hoves, a lion's head and a mane of fire. A beast that shoots fire from its mouth to punish the wicked. Yet others speak of a shaggy white beast, more like a mountain goat, who's stare and breath can chill an army. Yet others have seen a white horse of light whose touch has caused plants to sprout and grow, and wounds to heal. And there are many others.

Yet they all have in common that the beast has a single horn jutting out of its forehead. There have been no reports of a Kirin taking on any form that was not a four-hooved beast, and the horn is always present. However, there are some wild rumors that Kirin may take human form and live among the people, but nothing has been substantiated yet, and even most of those who believe that Kirin exist don't believe those rumors.


More to come…

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