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A kerub (KÉ-rəb) is a type of celestial associated with the principles of beauty and romantic love. Kerubs are descendants of Velena and Kammoloth who are tasked with watching over mortal-kind and ensuring that those who are faithful in their devotion to love and beauty are appropriately rewarded. Their expertise as romantic match-makers is legendary — as are their occasional misguided efforts, which can be both highly amusing and highly embarrassing.

Kerubs resemble humans or elves with white feathery wings. They can be of either gender, and are usually slender and very attractive. They do not carry weapons; if attacked, they will use their divine magic to either flee or confuse their assailants. A kerub's touch will flood most creatures with a feeling of peace and contentment, draining them of any will to fight. In many ways, the kerub can be considered the celestial counterpart to the incubus and succubus; unlike these creatures, however, kerubs reproduce by mating with others of their own kind. This means that, also unlike incubi and succubae, kerubs do not have mortal souls or the free will that comes with them; they are essentially small fragments of Velena's Essence, acting out her purpose and will on a smaller scale.

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