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If a nymph gains enough power to influence a large area, such as an entire valley or forest, then she becomes a high nymph. At this point she is no longer bound to an individual host, which greatly improves her odds of long-term survival. Most trees, after all, do not live more than a few centuries, but a forest can persist for milennia.

High nymphs are widely regarded as having a rich wisdom about the natural world, and they can often call on the aid of many lesser nymphs (usually their own daughters). Most of the unspoiled wilderness left in the modern world has remained unspoiled because it is protected from mortal exploitation by high nymphs.

Sylphs and Neriads can also undergo transformation into creatures analogous to high nymphs; these creatures are usually referred to as high nymphs, as well, even though they are not technically nymphs.

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