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The humblest of celestials, the glimmer appears as little more than a small, glowing ball of light, albeit an intelligent one that can speak to the mind of nearly any creature (assuming the creature has a mind). The other celestials use glimmers as scouts and messengers.

Most young celestials start out as glimmers, and advance to more powerful forms with age, experience and merit. In the early days of the pantheon the aedra lords formed these beings out of pieces of their own Essence, which served as "seed crystals" for the new celestial. Nowadays they are usually formed out of the recycled Essence of aedra that have been slain, eaten, or otherwise disposed of; the Essence is dispersed into the Heavens, then congeals into a new glimmer once enough of it gathers in one place. "Recycled" glimmers have no memory of their former lives.

Because they are only pieces of the aedra lords, they do not have souls of their own and do not possess free will; a glimmer, and anything else it turns into later, must follow the essential nature with which it was "programmed". This also means that the glimmers do not have a conscience; they will obey whatever orders they are given without questioning whether the actions are right or wrong.

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