These human-like creatures stand from 10' to 20' tall and usually weigh several tons. They are best described as large, powerful and phenomenally stupid. Driven by their base emotions, they are easily bribed with food or liquor (especially liquor).

At one time the giants had a flourishing and technologically advanced society in the Northlands; the giantdowns were given that name for a reason. At some point in the distant past, however, the giants suffered a complete collapse of their civilization, and subsequent generations have lacked the intellectual capacity to rebuild what their ancestors lost. The cause of the giants' fall is unknown; some believe that they angered one of the Pantheon and were cursed with a diminished intellect as a result. Others believe that the giants tapped into some form of powerful magic that backfired on them; it is known that there were giant mages in the past, though no giant alive today can manage even the smallest spell. Whatever the reason, the giants' day is long past, and their numbers grow fewer with each passing year.

Giants depend on the cold climate of the Northlands for their survival; they are very sensitive to high temperatures, and must migrate into the high arctic during the summer. Temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit will cause them to die of heat stroke. This quirk of giant metabolism is quite possibly the only thing that saved the human lands from being completely overrun after the fall of the Suielman Empire; while the lutins and giants overran the Midlands in the middle of the second century CR, the giants were unable to remain there during the hot Midland summers. Without the support of their "artillery", the lutin tribes were unable to penetrate further south, and were eventually driven out by the armies of King Andrew (who reconquered the Southern Midlands as far as the Marchbourne River) and Prince Ovid (who pushed the lutins out of the Northern Midlands and reclaimed Metamor Valley).

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