The Fates
Gods of Heaven
Celestial Princes Fates
High Archons Muses
Archons High Nymphs
Devas Eladrins Kerubs Neriads Nymphs Sylphs

The Fates are nine powerful celestials who are believed to guide events in the mortal world, weaving the tapestry of the future according to the instructions of whatever higher voice directs them (possibly Iluvatar Himself). They are children of Samekkh and Nocturna, and are apparently neutral in the war between the Heavens and Hells. The true extent of their control over mortal destiny has been a topic of hot debate among theologians for centuries; the Ecclesia denies that they have any power to guide events, but many who follow the traditional faith of the Lothanasi believe that they play a more active role.

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