Elderwood Spider

An Elderwood spider is a giant arachnid native to the dark forest of Elderwood. These creatures are the size of a horse, have a poisonous bite, and have spinnerets that can shoot webs at prospective prey animals. They have a kind of feral intelligence and enjoy stalking and killing humans and other sentient beings.

The body of an Elderwood spider is encased in a heavy layer of chitin, which acts as a natural armor against most mundane weapons. Their most vulnerable points are their eyes, the joints of their legs, and the spinnerets at the tip of the tail. They are also vulnerable to magical cold and fire damage, as well as raw magical force effects.

d20 Notes

Treat an Elderwood spider as a Huge Monstrous Spider with the following changes:

  • 10 Hit Dice (with appropriate modifications to attack bonuses, saves, etc.). The additional skill points should be distributed between Hide and Survival.
  • Type changes to Magical Beast.
  • DR 10/magic or mithril.
  • Con 18 (increases poison save to Fort DC 18); Int 5.
  • CR 8.
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