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An eladrin (ə-LÁD-rən) is a type of warrior celestial. The first eladrins were born to Velena during a short relationship (lasting only a few centuries) between her and Dokorath. Because all's fair in love and war, the eladrin have grown up with far more chaotic tendencies than their cousins, the devas.

The eladrins don't care much for open battle, although they are cunning and effective warriors when need be. Instead, they prefer to work alone, pulling strings here and there and working among mortals to fight the forces of evil and injustice. More than a few uprisings and assassination attempts against evil tyrants were the result of an eladrin's influence. In the war against the daedra, the eladrins are the spies and special-forces operatives, building alliances with the native inhabitants of Earth while sabotaging the efforts of the Daedra Lords and their servants. Eladrins have also been known to become attached to individuals whom they consider "special projects", working to turn them to the side of good. More than a few human bloodlines have gained traces of divine blood because of eladrins who fell in love with their mortal charges.1

Eladrins can take a wide variety of forms to accomplish their goals, but their "truest" form is that of a tall, dark-skinned human with golden feathery wings. About 90% of eladrins encountered on Earth are male; it is unknown if this is indicative of an actual sex bias in the birth of eladrins, or if there is simply a difference in the assigned duties of male and female eladrins.

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