A species of "dwarf dragon" native to the Dragonette Isles roughly the size of a housecat, though their tails are about half again as long as a domestic shorthair's. They have a wingspan of about 8 feet when fully extended. Their claws have thick, heavy nails that are serviceable for burrowing but not much use in a fight.

All dragonettes speak exclusively in a telepathic language of word-pictures. While this means that it is sometimes difficult for them to convey abstract concepts like love or truth, they can at least potentially speak to any creature that is intelligent enough to understand symbolic imagery. While they cannot speak the languages themselves, they understand spoken Common and Draconic perfectly, and may know other languages as well.1 Their vocalizations are limited; they can make small birdlike cries (to express anything from joy to puzzlement), purr like a cat (to show pleasure), or hiss (to show anger or disgust).

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