There are several species of these flying reptiles. Intelligent and capable of using powerful magic they are rare.

Known colors so far (both 'natural' dragons and TF-cursed keepers):

  • Angernil - Reddish-Brown scales, with Brass tips
  • Cerulean - Cerulean blue scales, with Purple fins and barbels
  • Gornul - Blue Dragonette
  • Heraclitus - A bright fire truck Red with Yellow belly, from Whales
  • Lindsey - Gray scales with Vermillion edging, ridge along back, and spaded tail.
  • Mitok - Gray-green Dragonette
  • Natalie - Gold
  • Pharcellus - Gray, darker on top, lighter on bottom. The edges of his scales are a light Purple.
  • Rugger - Green with Yellow chest plates
  • Saroth - Bronze
  • Starling - Purple Dragonette
  • Thanh - White, with Brown mane from head to spiked tail
  • Tychicus - Blue
  • Xayk - Brown
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