The Draconians are still little understood and are usually only encountered in Lom Shi'Un. So the following information is still tentative.


After the start of the Dragon War, in -1776 CR, Lomish Sorcerers of Lilith, working with captured dragon eggs and fell magic, created a massive force of shock troops: the half-humanoid, half-draconic draconians. Intelligent, brutal, sadistic, and capable of flight and magic, the draconians were the key needed to tip the scales against the southern dragons and their magic-using allies.

This was not, however, the use to which they were put. During the ceremony of their unveiling, which the emperor, his generals, supporters, and command staff were invited to attend, the draconians were unleashed upon them. Every last member of the command staff was shredded before any could so much as cast a single defensive spell.

The moon elf Nenith Aein, High Priestess of Lilith, became empress. The Lomish dragons were recalled from battle, with a single emissary bearing the flag of parley sent to confer with the commanders of the southern forces. The mute messenger, borne upon an injured dragon, delivered only a single, simple message:

“Lom has been liberated. Her war with you is now over.”

Nothing more was stated or offered, and no counter-proposals were accepted or read. All southern emissaries dispatched to the Lomish capital were sent home unrequited, their missives unopened.

Upon learning of the existence of the draconians, a third of the Lomish dragons revolted. They managed to slaughter half of the newly-created warriors and destroy much of the hatchery before they were driven from Lom and into exile. Draconians proved to be too bloodthirsty for peacetime governance, so after several centuries they were tasked with border defense and patrols of the dynasty, which suited them well.


Since the Draconians are usually created from the eggs of dragons their coloration, shape and habits can vary widely. Usually mirroring the dragons species whose eggs they were created from.
Height: Varies but 5' 6" to 7'
Weight: 200 lbs to 350 lbs
Coloration: The Draconian coloration is similar to the dragons whose eggs were taken. The exact range of coloration is unknown.


(to be added)

Basic Nature:
Again little is fully understood but some basic details have emerged. Believed to have 2 genders but non-draconians are unable to tell them apart. It is believed that they can reproduce naturally but no one ever seen a baby Draconian yet.

Draconian nature: They are intelligent, brutal, sadistic, capable of flight and magic. As intelligent creatures need to be kept busy, because idle minds will wander, the Metamor Intel Office speculates that they are kept busy. Most likely Lilith or Lom promoting perpetual scheming against other Draconians. This would keep their numbers manageable and slow down overzealous ambition.
Furthermore the Metamor Intel Office(MIO) has, credible but unconfirmed, rumours that the Draconians fight among themselves during peacetime. This would serve to improve their whole species. Any perceived weakness would be cut out. Thus assuring that the most capable are in charge.
They show no mercy to foe, friend or family. In time they may have established themselves as tribal communities along the border. The presence of those favoured by Lilith seems to ensure the obedience of the Draconians suggesting that a Lilith maintains tight control through proxies. Caution is advised when engaging the favoured of Lilith when Draconians are present as unleashed Draconians may be a more dangerous threat.

In relation to Dragons: Since Dragons wiped out nearly half their number during and after the war and destroyed much of their hatchery. There is no love lost between Draconians and Dragons either way. The MIO has circumstantial evidence that this may have resulted in a Dragon hunter class emerging among them. Capable to go toe to toe with a Dragon with a small group, armed with the best weapons, clad in the best armor. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Lom due to a lack of diplomatic access. No envoys have returned to this day.
Any surviving clutch would be protected in a place nigh inaccessible to Dragons.

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