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A deva (DĀ-və) is a type of warrior celestial who specializes in doing battle against the daedra and their servants. The first devas were children of Kammoloth by Akkala, but they are now a celestial race in their own right.

Devas can take on a variety of forms, but they most often look like humans or Elves with large feathery wings. Most devas encountered on Earth (about 90%) are female; it is unknown if this is indicative of an actual sex bias in the birth of devas, or if there is simply a difference in the assigned duties of male and female devas.

These celestials are the gods' counterpart to the balrog: fierce combatants who never back down from a fight. Devas, however, also have a wide range of spells and spell-like abilities to call on, which they use in addition to brute force. They are rigidly lawful beings, and their devotion to the war against the daedra is unwavering. Often they will become so committed to defeating a certain evil that they lose sight of the collateral damage their battles are causing; thus, the gods endeavor to keep them on a short leash. Devas have no souls and thus no conscience; they are very beautiful killing machines, and the lives of mortals are unimportant to them when faced with the opportunity to destroy their infernal enemies. They can be commanded to guard specific mortals by a superior celestial, but they will not go out of their way to expand that protection to anyone beyond those they have been explicitly ordered to guard.

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