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The most powerful and favored of the fiends (daedra) are called daedra nobles. These are the few children of the daedra lords who have shown themselves ruthless and cunning enough to be entrusted with their own minor spheres of influence. Such a sphere is always subordinate to that of the particular daedra lord the noble serves; for example, the Master of Pestilence Tallakath might have nobles beneath him with such titles as Master of Decay, Mistress of the Plague, or Master of the Suffering of Innocents.

Daedra nobles usually appear as more-or-less humanoid beings with a few distinctively inhuman features, such as tentacles, batlike wings, multiple arms, or serpentlike tails. Their powers of shapeshifting, however, allow them to take almost any form imaginable when it suits their purposes. In its natural state, every daedra noble has at least one physical trait that makes it unique from its brothers, sisters and cousins; they often cherish these emblems of individuality, and will try to find ways to display them even when masquerading as humans.

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