Daedra (Fiends)


Beings of shadow and energy, the Daedra (DĀ-drə) (and their counterparts, the Aedra) can also take physical form. Daedra is an Elvish term, and it is most often used by priests, scholars and other learned folk; among the common people these creatures are often called fiends, devils or demons, and the nine most powerful among them are known as the Daedra Lords, though in some cultures they are simply called gods.

There are a number of races or sub-types of daedra that have existed for countless millennia. Calling them races is misleading, though, because a daedra's form is not fixed at birth. Those who excel in the work given to them can be promoted to more powerful forms, ascending through the hierarchy of the Nine Hells and gaining influence and responsibility along the way.

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list; other types of daedra may exist. These, however, are well known to scholars and the Lothanasi.

Types of Daedra

Daedra Lords
Daedra Nobles
Nephilim Dream Walkers
Mariliths Dread Nymphs
Balrogs Wraiths Incubi Succubae Dark Nymphs
Imps/Gremlins Hell Hounds
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