Name: Clackerdog (witness' choice)

Description: The clackerdog is a medium to large species of animal, canine-like in appearance, with supernatural powers. So far they are described as being between two to three feet tall at the shoulder, mostly hairless, with oily black or dark grey skin. The only hair on their bodies grows alongside the spine, it appears to be thick and bristled, also dark grey or black in color but does not always match their skin. For the most part they are described as having an emaciated, nearly skeletal, body with ropy powerful muscles visible under the skin. Their blood is apparently dark red or black in color and has the consistency of honey, it apparently has a strong odor of decay. The head is canine but the skin is stretched tightly over the bone, no ears are present besides holes where the ear canals would be, no distinct nose or lips are apparent. The head looks burnt, which may explain the missing facial features, but the beast does not seem to suffer at all from this. The eyes are completely white (perhaps cataracts?) though this does not appear to hinder visual ability.

Number: Unknown, they may travel in packs or they may be individual hunters. First known encounter had a group of a dozen or more.

Intelligence: Unknown, witness claimed to have heard one speak but was admittedly terrified and could not confirm his statement.

Behavior: Uncommonly violent, not much care for preventing bodily injury, tends to "clack" it's exposed teeth together rapidly. (hence the name)

Abilities: Unconfirmed teleporting ability (witness error?) Resistance to physical damage (Serious wounds did not seem to incapacitate them) life or essence draining powers (Unsubstantiated, no bodies recovered) Fear inducing aura (possible pheromone toxin or "feargaze") Abnormally quick and strong.

Final Thoughts: It is hard to subjectively review this information, much more detailed research would be required. With only one witness to this attack one would assume first that the subject was under the influence of a mind altering substance, hallucinated, or may have been suffering from a fever dream. I will edit this document when more information come to light.

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