Introduced by: Stephen Tigner
Known locations: Aelfwood (known by readers, but not by humans)
First appearance: "Threads of Magic"

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Centaurs are creatures that are half-man, half horse. They are a very rare sight, so rare in fact, that most believe them to be extinct. The character Rois is a centauress, but was not born that way, and thus does not figure into the preceding statement. She is the result of a combination of mount and rider into a single body, see her article for more information.

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Herds of centaurs are said to have once lived on the flat grasslands of the midlands, in harmony with nature and other races. However, the wars and hostility of humans drove them away into hiding, and now there is not a known (by humans) centaur herd in existence. The species itself is thought by humans to be extinct, though random, unconfirmed sightings do pop up every once in a while. Such sightings seem to be more common in the areas around Aelfwood.


Centaurs are physically a combination of horse and human. Instead of human ears, a centaur has a pair of equine ears that function the same as those on a horse. The centaur is otherwise human down to their waist, where their human body gives way to the equine one, except for the mane. The mane is something that not all centaurs have, but those that do have it running a significant portion, if not all the way, up their human backs.

The human half attaches to the horse half at about the withers on the horse body, and has a great deal of flexibility, including the ability to turn around almost a full 180 degrees. This is often needed to access the bags certain centaurs wear when out gathering plants for food, or when slinging a slain game animal over their back for transport back to the herd.

The horse halves of the centaurs aren't homogeneous, having widely varying coat patterns, builds, and other traits one would associate with different breeds of horses. One interesting thing to note is that often times a centaur's human hair will follow the same or similar coloring, and sometimes even patterning, as their equine half.

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