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The most powerful and favored of the celestials, apart from the gods themselves, are called celestial princes. These are the few children of the gods who have shown themselves faithful and skillful enough to be entrusted with their own minor spheres of influence. Such a sphere is always subordinate to that of the particular god or goddess the prince serves; for example, the weather god Dvalin might have princes beneath him with such titles as Master of Lightning, Mistress of the Winds, or Master of Floods.

In addition to the gods' "natural" descendants, some celestial princes are beings who were inducted into the Pantheon from the outside. These may include the gods of older religions, now long dead, or even former mortals who have been apotheosized because they were favored by one of the gods of heaven. Sakkan, Mistress of the Arts, is a celestial princess who falls into this category; see the article on the Muses for more of her story.

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