The Bachuri are a humanoid race with some bestial characteristics. They are native to the Dreamlands, where many of them make a living as traders and go-betweens, providing shelter, information, or precious goods to travelers from the Material Plane.

Bachuri resemble a mix between humans and several predators of the material plane, including cats, dogs and bears. They are tall, around six and a half feet on average, with fur coats in various shades of black, white or grey. They have long, expressive tails that are covered in long, straight hairs, and look like a cross between a jackal's tail and a horse's. Their faces have stubby muzzles and expressive ears; they are often considered rather handsome by humans. Their hands are pawlike, and may conceal sharp claws, though these have not yet been seen in-story.

When he was a young man Rickkter had dealings with a Bachuri trader by the name of Lothian, who lived and worked in the city of Mufaltar in the Dreamlands. It was Lothian who pointed Rickkter and his fellow Necromancers to an ancient vault in the Wastelands of Kilyarnie, in the barren expanse of the Fifth Hell. The Necromancers believed that it would contain vast hidden treasures or secret knowledge; what it actually contained was one of the imprisoned Titans, a godlike creature driven mad by its long captivity. The rest of his group was slaughtered, and Rickkter was cursed to carry the knowledge of what had been done for the rest of his days. While it was perhaps not Lothian's fault that Rickkter's friends and allies came to such an awful end, he certainly assisted them on their way to their own destruction; it is likely that, were Rickkter and Lothian ever to meet again, the consequences for the Bachuri would be very, very unpleasant.

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