Virmir, Misha, and Finbar story collab

For Virmir and Chris O'Kane to work out their awesome top secret story. Go away! Blast it.


Date: November 707 CR

  • Virmir is walking down the hall, grumbling about being overworked. "Blasted jackal-man… Never get a blasted day off. Blast it…"
  • Virmir hears Misha around the corner. "I don't need a good mage later. I need ANY mage NOW!"
  • Virmir's ears perk at the word "mage", then silently backs up before turning tail and going in the opposite direction. Obviously wanting to avoid getting recruited.
  • While looking back, the keep directs him around in a circle, so he bumps right into Misha and Finbar. What in blazes?!
  • Misha helps him up, and immediately notices his squad leader and mage badge…

(More stuff happens)

(Even more stuff happens)

Draft so far

(by Virmir)

I was tired. Dead tired. I rubbed my eyes and the base of my muzzle as I stumbled down the hallway, shivering. Blasted jackal-man. Ugh. What did I ever do to deserve this…? I never get a blasted day off! Not including the sleep-all-day-merely-to-recover day… Blast it.

My right ear perked as I approached an intersection. Voices… "I don't need a good mage later…" I slowed as I drew my hands from my face. "I need ANY mage NOW!"

Mage…? I blinked a few times. Oh BLAST!

Clenching my teeth, I spun on a footpaw and went the other way, keeping an eye over my shoulder. What were they? Scouts? Generals? Blazes if I was going to find out. I was going to bed, blast it.

I watched the intersection disappear behind me as I rounded a corner. Phew… That was close… Just as I turned to face forward I slammed muzzle-first into the leg of something giant and fell on my tail. Snarling, I looked up into the face of a giant red fox of a man…

"Oh, sorry…" He offered a claw to help me up. That voice… no… there was no way… How did—? I looked behind and then back up at his face. What in blazes?!

I took the offered hand and flinched when I noticed that he was missing a few fingers. Some haggard warrior, as his left ear was missing as if chopped off and a scar barely missed his eye… "You a mage?" He asked, staring directly at my squad leader/mage badge…

I sighed, folding my ears. "Yes…"

Blast. It.

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