Full name: Zhypar Habakkuk
Race: Cursed Human (Kangaroo)
Faith: Ecclesia
Born: November of 674 CR
Fur: Rusty Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'2" with ears 6" long.

Position within Keep: Headmaster of the Writer's Guild, Felikaush
Creator: Charles Matthias


Zhypar was born in Fellos in Sonngefilde. From his earliest days, his prophetic gifts were astonishing even to his elders. He was trained in scholarship and in the traditions of his people, including their unique form of verbal fencing. However, he was haunted by the visions he had of his people's demise; the Felikaush elders forbade him from telling anyone what he had seen.

When he turned fifteen, he was sent away from Fellos with a large collection of ancient tomes the Felikaush wished to preserve. He began traveling the Southlands as a merchant of rare books, making use of his prophetic talents to know what paths were safe. A year later, in 690 CR, armies from the order of the Ebon Dragon marched on Fellos and destroyed the city. Zhypar in that moment became the last living Felikaush. This agony he has carried with him ever since.

Four years later, in the city of Makor, he met Charles Matthias and his Sondeckis friends for the first time. A year later, he braved the Algra Hook and was captured by the Weathermongers. There he befriended Yonson. It was the last time he would ever live in the Southlands.

Zhypar began traveling all across western Galendor, still in the guise of a merchant of rare books. This eventually brought him to Arabarb, where an accident with his wagon forced him to rest and mend in a local woodcutter's home. There he fell in love with the elder daughter Lhindesaeg and vowed on his return to marry her. Circumstances proved otherwise, for only a month later Nasoj's army conquered Arabarb; Lhindesaeg went to Metamor Keep to help with the defense there, but in the Battle of Three Gates became a man. Now calling himself Lindsey, he could never be the wife Zhypar wanted.

Heartbroken, Zhypar disappeared into the Midlands for three years. Little is known of what he did in this time. But in 703 CR he returned to Metamor to stay. After he became an anthro kangaroo, he joined the Writer's Guild and made many new friends. Then, in 706 CR he began cajoling Charles to reveal his secret past. Zhypar became Head of the Writer's Guild when Channing left the Keep, and he diligently fulfilled all his duties.

He began to take a more active role in affairs in 707 CR, testifying in Charles's defense after the Winter Assault (as chronicled in the story 'Wagging Tongues Will') and bringing the existence and perfidious nature of the hyacinth to Rickkter's attention in April (as chronicled in 'Never Again a Man'). During the Summer Solstice, he formally admitted to being a Felikaush and disclosed the threat from Marzac.


  • Prophecy - Zhypar can see future events, though he does not always understand what they mean. He frequently sees dangers before they occur, which has helped save his life and the lives of his friends many times. He does not see everything, and is often surprised by how his visions come to pass.
  • Verbal Fencing - Like all scholars of Fellos, Zhypar is trained in how to use true words to convey any meaning he likes. If he does not wish to answer a question, the one who asked wil be quite vexed, and they won't get an answer.

Friends and Allies

  • Lindsey - No person in the world is as close to Zhypar as Lindsey. Though they are no longer lovers, they still care deeply for one another. Through Lindsey, Zhypar has become friends with many on the Timber Crews.
  • Writer's Guild - Few on the Guild do not call Zhypar friend. Nahum and Tallis, fellow Headmasters, are particularly close. The three of them can frequently be found together sharing a meal and mead at the Deaf Mule
  • Qan-af-årael and Abafouq - Zhypar uses carrier pigeons to send messages back and forth between these two individuals. Together, they collaborate on the coming threat from Marzac.


Zhypar is a bit of a recluse emotionally. He is personable and always willing to help those who come to him, so long as they are willing to sit through his loquacious and often circumlocutious oratory! But when he is not needed, he remains quiet and unassuming. He is quite severe when it comes to self-sacrifice, and has trained himself to put the greater good ahead of his own desires.

Despite the pain he keeps hidden inside, he finds joy in the many simple things in life, such as good friends, good food and good drink. It is not unusual to find him with friends at the Deaf Mule, though even when he is drunk, he is still exceptionally guarded about his deep feelings.

He is not afraid to tell a friend when they are doing wrong, and will go to great lengths to demonstrate it, as he has done repeatedly for Charles, perhaps the one person at Metamor he identifies with more than any other, though he has never expressed such thoughts in words.


  1. Destroying Marzac - This is the one overriding goal that he has dedicated his life to. It is the culmination of the order of Felikaush, and something he know she must do.
  2. Preserve the Legacy of the Felikaush - The destruction of Fellos and of his family is his greatest pain. Though he knows his kind will not endure forever, he wishes that as much of their legacy as possible can be preserved.
  3. Be a true friend - Zhypar genuinely cares for those around him, and will do what he can for them no matter the cost to himself.

Physical Appearance

Zhypar Habakkuk is a scholar and dresses like one much of the time, though the odd shape of his legs and heavy tail make true decorum difficult. His thighs are thick, as is his tail, and his feet are over a foot long each, even at his most human. When he tries to run, his gait becomes more of a hop, though he can walk normally. While studying old scripts, a pair of spectacles perches upon his muzzle.

He does not favour any particular colour for his garments, and will wear whatever seems appropriate.

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