Full Name: Krenek Zagrosek
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias

Krenek Zagrosek is a black Sondeckis, and in fact, was a childhood friend of Charles Matthias. For seventeen years they lived in the same room together as they were trained in the art of the Sondeckis. Zagrosek disappeared roughly three years ago, and was next seen leading a trio of mages in controlling Lord Loriod. He killed Loriod before escaping. He turned up again in October 706 CR to murder Patriarch Akabaieth. And then, he was there during Winter Assualt helping save Glen Avery and Metamor Keep before he disappeared again. He has been since then travelling back and forth between the Midlands and Pyralis on errands for the Marquis.

Zagrosek met his demise at the hands of James on the Winter Solstice 707 CR. James crushed him beneath a carillon of bells in the Chateau Marzac.

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