Full Name: Yvarra
Gender: Female
Race: Cursed human (cervine, unicorn)
Creator: Michael Bard
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 200 lbs
Fur: White with silver-white mane and silver-white hoof feathering and ivory cloven hooves and ivory Alicorn and— You get the idea.
Eyes: Deep Sea Blue/Green
First Appearance: Pawned


Yvarra was once an illiterate male human thief and rogue, or Obtainer of Rare Antiquities as he had written on his fake identification. He was sent to Metamor by a person who named themselves the Lady Tarathana to recover the Sword of Songs. Things did not turn out as planned, and he was trapped, and cursed by both the keep and his employer, into a female anthro unicorn, and tasked with dealing with a cthulhu-type cult hidden beneath the plateau upon which Metamor sits.

The cult was dealt with, though at cost to her alicorn and her soul. Yvarra is now bound to the keep by the Duke's ruling, and is doing her best to learn to be a better person and maybe even make some friends.

Family and Friends:

You have got to be kidding— Well, at least she's working on the latter now.


Yvarra lives for two reasons. To keep herself alive and in decadent comfort for as little effort as possible. To fulfill her contracts and keep her word of honour. Or, at least this is the personality she lets peak out. If you dig deeper, she has an abiding belief in the downtrodden and abused, supporting them against the upper classes and those that would abuse them. Almost to the point of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor as long as she gets to keep enough for her sybaritic interests. If you dig even further, there are certain things that even she will not support. And, wide eyed innocent little girls are the truest route to her soul.

Or, at least she was. Since she nearly died, and saved the world, she has wizened, maybe. She is trying to help others without recourse, to do good, and make friends. Of course, her skills in all of these are lacking. She still has her sense of humour and the ridiculous, and still has a large lack of respect for the upper classes.


If gotten drunk, not that she can get drunk anymore, she will go on and on about her dreams of endless luxury. But, if she ever did obtain that, she'd probably be bored out of her mind in a month, and give all the wealth away to an orphanage or something. Her true dreams, the needs of her innermost soul, is a life of excitement and challenge, and tweaking her thumb at the rich and powerful proving she is far more clever than they!

Or, at least that's how she used to be. She's wizened since then, perhaps, and is trying to do good with her life rather than just being greedy. Well she be successful? Who knows.

Sword of Songs:

This is an ancient sword of plain construction, though of high quality. It is not ornate, being more a weapon for use than for decoration, even though Yvarra has no clue how to use it. It is a long sword, with a blade just over four feet in length. It is also sentient, but incapable of talking. Instead, it communicates by creating sounds and rhythms of a seemingly infinite set of instruments, and set of songs, including those not known in the world of Metamor. It also seems to be able to detect cultists, but the range or dependability of this is still indeterminate. The sword is also quite vain!


Yvarra doesn't know much about this, other than that it is sharp, capable of penetrating directly through a human skull with surprisingly little effort, and it otherwise nothing but a pain. It gets stuck in the ground when she tries to roll, and it purifies all alcoholic beverages that enter her muzzle so that she can never get drunk. Of course, it does heal her wounds, save her from poison, and glow when she needs light, so it's not all bad. In fact, she has become quite protective of it.

As of December, 707 CR, her alicorn has been hacked off. All that is left is a shattered stub that is VERY slowly regrowing. It still cures poison on herself, and has LIMITED healing for herself only. It will be fully regrown by 708 CR.

Physical Notes:

Unlike the more common depiction of a unicorn, Yvarra is based on a deer, not a horse. Thus she has a deer-muzzle, deer ears, deer digestive system— Her hands are dual-thumbed, with two fingers. Her legs are slim, and end in cloven hooves, though the hooves are a bit wider than one might expect (think mountain goat). She does have the typical lion-like tail ending in a white tuft.

Yvarra is quite tall, almost seven feet, as her new form is quite long legged. She is extremely dexterous, capable of moves that make normal mortals cringe, and check their bones to see if they've broken in sympathy.


Yvarra is skilled at the typical thievish//rogue abilities — wall climbing, lock picking, knife throwing, pocket liberating, that kind of thing. As to other combat skills, she has innate ability to shove her Alicorn through people, and keeps planning to work on her non-existent sword skills someday— She is illiterate.

Using Yvarra:

NOTE: Due to the recent death of Michael Bard - Yvarra is an NPC. All requests to use her should be directed to the universe control or the forum. She CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum or Universe Controller first.

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