Yariv Aereolon

Name:Sir Yariv Aereolon
Birthplace:Metamor Keep
Species:Cursed Human (Male To Female, Minor Age Regression)
Gender: Female (Thinks of self as male)
Former Occupation: Bodyguard to Lady Altera Loriod
Occupation: Knight
Age: 43 (Looks 17)
Goals: To judge Cedric's character, to be a good husband to his male wife, to be a good father to Claire Flameheart and grandfather to any of her children she has. Ultimately though, she wishes NEVER to give in to her body's new sex.

Protecting Altera Loriod was not a simple task. In actuality it was a nightmarish job. She was always getting into shenanigans and doing Eli-knows-what with her lady-in-waiting. Altera and Yariv despised on another, but Yariv kept up, staying at Altera's side because her husband had asked him too. Entrusting it to him as his most valued warrior. Yariv lead a decent life, putting up with Lady Loriod was only one aspect of his existance. He also had a wonderful relationship with his wife. One that sadly could not bare children. (Yariv had a narrow urethra, though this being the middle ages, both thought that she, not Yariv, was the reason)

One day a young girl known as Claire showed up scared and hungry, Yariv and his wife adopted this child.

After the curse Yariv and his lover traded sexes, now humiliated and still infertile Yariv fell into a depression, though found joy in that because this happened to so many other males, her role in life did not have to change. That was into the new Lord Loriod, Altera having been turned into a man, enacted the "Hand Of Destiny" Laws which stated all women had to be have as such whilst men could do whatever they pleased. Yariv was threatened and later sentenced with jail time for not going along with this. Eventually though Yariv's lover Neille found that if he agreed to move them else where using what was left of Yariv's bodyguard money they would no longer be subject to these laws.

Neille found being a man stressful and Yariv found being a woman horrid, as such the two play along with their old gender roles as though nothing had happened. Yariv thinks of herself as a man, demanding to be referred to by her male name and as sir. She actually takes joy in having a period, as she believes that a battle rage fueled by her own blood is actually one of the more masculine things she has experienced.

Yariv worries about Cedric, claiming he sees too much of Loriod in him. Mainly in how Cedric at first refuses flat out to see Yariv as a husband and father. The cursed reluctant woman-man challenged Cedric to a duel several times both before and after he became a horse, only for Cedric to repeat that he doesn't fight women. Eventually he agrees with the condition that Yariv forgive him if Cedric were to win. The duel ended shortly with Cedric on the ground, being coereced into agreeing never to call Yariv a woman again. To great amusement Claire revealed to him afterward that he would had a better chance of winning if only he had agreed to the duel before Yariv was on his period and not during.

Yariv is the son of Cornflower's Lord Aereolon, the latter of whom had left Metamor upon learning that Nasoj was going to attack it. Lord Aereolon regrets this decision and feels he should be suffering the curse alongside his son, instead of living with the shame of cowardice.

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