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Yajiit (Fire, The Sun)

The Mistress of Fire and the Sun, the being known as Yajiit (íä-JĒT or íä-ZHĒT) often acts less like a goddess than a force of nature. She is rarely seen in person, but when she does make an appearance it is so spectacular that bards and sages will repeat the story for generations.

Yajiit's name comes from the Lambemma word yaja, which means fire.

Appearance & Personality

Reportedly one of the most spectacular beings to see in person, Yajiit appears as a young woman with flaming red hair and golden skin. Her eyes glow yellow-white, and her body is usually encased in a blazing ball of fire. She is almost never known to actually touch the ground — anything she touches bursts into flames — and she flies and hovers at will as if gravity were merely a local ordinance that had no jurisdiction over her. She leaves a tail of fire behind her when she flies, giving her the appearance of a shooting star or comet when she is seen at long range.

Yajiit is apparently a very lonely creature; her connection to the elemental aspect of Fire is so strong that she will burn anything she comes into contact with, even the flesh of the other deities. She seems to genuinely like some mortals in an innocent sort of way, but her destructive nature means that she is forced to keep her distance from others. The happiest anyone has reported seeing her was when she appeared at Metamor Keep on 20 July 706 to bestow her blessing on Merai, whom she called Elenin ("starchild").1

Divine Intervention

Boons: Farmers pray to Yajiit for warm weather and an early end to winter, particularly in the cold northern lands where the growing season tends to be very short. The Lothanasi also depend on Yajiit's power for most of their offensive spells, and for warding spells to offer protection against extreme temperatures. In a general sense, Yajiit might be called upon to perform any task requiring miraculous amounts of heat or fire. In practice, however, summoning Yajiit is dangerous simply because of her heat aura, and few clerics deal with her in person.

Cost: Yajiit draws power from locations linked to the elemental aspect of Fire, including volcanoes and the Sun itself. She also draws power from burnt sacrifices, though the energy received from any one sacrifice is minuscule compared to the raw power of the Sun.


Yajiit does not have any sort of organized priesthood, but she does serve as a rallying point for those who revere the sun's life-giving power. The typical disciple of Yajiit is a wandering prophet who strives to bring light to dark places and warmth in the midst of the cold; they value freedom, independence, and acts that help to alleviate the dangers of winter. Because kindling the fires of hope is as important as keeping people literally warm, disciples of Yajiit work very well with followers of Akkala and Velena. On the whole, Yajiit's followers tend to do what seems best to them; though they pay her honor, Yajiit seldom gives them specific tasks to perform.

Known Disciples: None.

Offspring & Servants

Yajiit has no children, being unable to even touch any of the other deities. She has very few servants, as well; she might occasionally employ a celestial phoenix to act as a messenger or herald, but she rarely has any reason to do so.


Aura: A ball of fire that surrounds her; when she is not visible, it is perceived as a wave of intense heat.

Holy Symbol: A circle with a dot in the center of it.2

Symbolic Creatures: Phoenix.

Holy Day: Yaji'kema, July 20th.

d20 Notes

Lesser Deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Fire, Sun
Weapon of the Deity: Flaming Rapier

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