Full name: Xavier Marcus
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (Black leopard)
Creator: Hallan Mirayas
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 186 pounds
Fur: Black
First appears in: "Dreams"

Xavier, son of a Lorland nobleman, has seen aristocracy at its best and at its worst. Thus, while he considers himself of a higher class, he sees it less as an entitlement to privilege and more a call to a higher standard. A call to protect those under him, as a steward would. A devout follower of the Lothanasi faith, he reserves special devotion for Dvalin, the god of weather, as a powerful thunderstorm was what inspired him to study weather magic.

Barred by Lord Loriod from traveling to Metamor for training, Xavier is almost entirely self-taught. This has left him with a comparatively small repertoire of spells, but also a few truly innovative ones. The most impressive of these is a spell to "store" large amounts of electrical charge within a piece of metal, enough for multiple lightning bolts. This storage is not perfect, as a minute trickle of charge is constantly escaping, so Xavier has to take time (about once a week) to bring the charge back to full. There is no limit to how many metal objects he can charge, but the time investment in keeping multiple objects at full charge keeps him to four specialized metal rods and his rapier sword. Should those become depleted, he can still cast, but it wearies him quickly. Incidentally, the constant seep of electricity keeps Xavier's fur slightly static-laden, especially if he is carrying all of his charged gear.

Since arriving at Metamor, Xavier has formed a solid friendship with Drift and Wolfram, tending to be the most quiet and thoughtful of the three, though he shares a bit of Drift's temper and Wolfram's enjoyment of practical jokes.

Special note: Xavier still retains his human-style hair, but it is a silver metal rather than actual hair. Blame his older sister, a certain eccentric alchemist, and a bad case of sibling rivalry…

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