Full Name: Wessex ard'Kapler
Race: Cursed Human (age regressed to Child)
Gender: Male
Died: Dec 22, 706 CR
Creator: Charles Matthias

Wessex ard'Kapler was one of the most powerful wizards at Metamor Keep. He specialized in the dark magics employed by the enemy. During the Summer and Fall of 706 CR, he was plagued by strange nightmares featuring Matthias and Zagrosek torturing him. He was able to keep the nightmares at bay, but was killed by Agathe on the Winter Solstice 706 CR. Agathe reanimated his corpse, forcing him to undo the binding he had placed on the section of the wall that trapped the Censer of Yajakali. In so doing, he was destroyed by a Shrieker when the tear collapsed.

The ard'Kapler family hailed from Mycransburg but was slaughtered prior to the Battle of Three Gates. As Wessex had no living heirs, all of his things that survived the fire that Agathe set in his quarters were given to Jessica, his most gifted student.

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