Name: Kendo Virmir
Race: Cursed Human (Age regressed fox morph)
Born: 683 CR
Fur: Silver, white, and black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 4'5"
Created by: Virmir

Position within Keep: Field Mage with the Regular Patrol (sentenced to serve as punishment)


Virmir, a young egotistical crackpot mage, came to Metamor in 707 CR because he suspected the Keep's library to contain a magical and likely forbidden tome critical to his research. Enraged that he, an outsider, was not allowed into the Keep Proper, he transformed himself into a silver furred fox morph so that he might resemble a Keeper and sneak in. However, he was unable to reverse the transformation and was thrown in Metamor's dungeon, where the Curse of the Keep claimed him, regressing his age on top of the change he inflicted upon himself.

As punishment for trespassing and attacking some guards, Virmir was sentenced to serve with the Regular Patrol, a sentence he begrudgingly accepts because he has nowhere else to go.

Daily Life

Virmir serveed in the patrol unit commanded by Lady Vale, providing the magical backup for their escapades before ascending to the rank of squad leader himself. His daily patrols, consisting of long walks through the forests and plains immediately surrounding the Keep, are generally devoid of action and boring, while his comrades irritate him to no ends.


Virmir considers himself a fairly accomplished mage. In truth he is mediocre at best and often makes mistakes. He does have a rather wide assortment of talents, however, some stemming from notes passed on to him by his mysterious grandfather.

Fire Magic

Virmir is perhaps most proficient in ways the flame, making him an ideal Field Mage. He courses the magic through his hands, forming his spells into fireballs or setting nearby objects ablaze. These sorts of spells are common among mages, though, so he is not set apart from others. On the other hand, he does possess the slightly rarer ability to extinguish fires.

The Shadow

A secret Virmir closely guards is his ability in what he calls "The Shadow", although "ability" is a stretch of the word. When he casts these spells, which generally take hours to prepare, he really does not have any idea what he is doing, but rather copies runes directly from the old notebook his grandfather left him. The results are usually horrific spells that rend the flesh from their victims before utterly destroying them. He keeps such spells secret and rarely uses them for fear local religions or mage circles may find him heretic.


Virmir's earliest memories of learning magic consist of his mother teaching him to levitate small objects. He can pick up most items weighing a few ponds or less within a radius of five feet or so and float them to his waiting hands. He sometimes also uses the magic to help "pick up" his legs when he is running so that he can obtain greater speed, though the resulting magical fatigue can be worse than the physical.


Virmir used to use one of the spells left to him by his grandfather to transform himself fully into a silver furred fox. However, after using a modification of the spell to assume a half animal form to disguise himself as a Keeper, he was unable to change back.


Outwardly, Virmir is a quiet and reserved individual who rarely speaks unless spoken to and always avoids being the center of attention. Though he's reclusive, he generally is very alert, his eyes and ears constantly darting about as he takes in all around him. He tries to appear polite, yet sometimes finds trouble doing so. He tries to hide his emotions, but unbeknownst to him, the motions of his new ears and tail often betray his feelings.

Inwardly, by contrast, Virmir is nothing short of a ball of pent up anger and spite. He often pours his emotions into his journal, the entries turning into long winded rants and highly critical observations of the things he is forced to do and put up with each day. He is quick to find fault in others, but his own faults are often padded if they are admitted at all. He is arrogant and selfish, and dislikes the company of others.

Physical Appearance

Virmir himself does not know the exact species of fox he has become. He most resembles a gray fox, minus the rusty fur that species display upon their sides.

Being age regressed in addition to an animal morph, Virmir is rather short and his head, ears, and tail are disproportionately large for his body. He is entirely covered by a thick pelt of fine silvery fur which turns into a rich white about his narrow muzzle, neck, and down his chest. His steely gray eyes are accented by a ring of deep black fur, which also appears generously at the tip of his large fluffy tail. His feet are digitigrade so he must walk barefoot, an inconvenience he often complains about. But his clawed hands retain a nearly human thumb.

He generally likes to wear simple tunics of dark colors, particularly black. He is often found wrapped in a black cloak as well.


  • Virmir insists on being called by his last name because, ironically, he thinks "Kendo" is childish.
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