Race: Cursed Human (feral Red Fox)
Gender: Male
Creator: Christian O'Kane
First Appearance: A Shoving Match

Varnal was a mage and one of Nasoj's chief lieutenants until he attempted to turn Misha into a mindless animal by reinforcing the original curse with a fetish stone but when it ran up against the curse altered by Misha's brother Brian, a brief long-distance mage battle ensued. Brian's blast caused the curse to backlash on Varnal, turning him into a feral form fox and apparently reverted Misha's curse to its original state (prior to Brian's efforts years ago to remove it), allowing him once again to use his full feral fox form.

For his attempt on Misha, Varnal has been sentenced by Duke Thomas to three years imprisonment. Despite his feral form, once the fetish was removed, Varnal is capable of normal speech and has been teaching at least one young mage, though since he is mage-blocked for his sentence he is incapable of actually using magic. He was also recruited to help study the halter that was used to enslave Thomas.

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