Valarie Delminie

Full name: Valarie Delminie
Race: Untransformed human
Occupation: Senior Lothanasi high priestess of the Outer Midlands
Residence: Outer Midlands (formerly Elvquelin)
Creator: Chris O'Kane

Valarie Delminie became high priestess of the Outer Midlands and moved to Marigund in 707 CR. She had been in Marigund for a few months when Salona was there in 708 CR. As representative of the Lothanasi, she was a strict opponent to soul magic, and wished to execute the Guildmaster for experimenting on Salona. However, she remained calm and understanding of Salona's past, mediating tensions between the scientific and spiritual mages.

She is tall and thin, signs of elvish ancestry. She has silver hair.

In her first appearance, she wears a floor-length powder-blue gown and a silver tiara.


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