Tommy Chatter

Name: Tommy Chatter
Race: Cursed human (animal morph)
Species: small sized bird. (Actual bird species has never been looked into). Blue plumage.
Creator: Leo M. Panther
Status: NPC (Free to use. But he can't be too important to a plot line, for that is not why he exists.)

Tommy is character of minor interest to most Keepers, yet many know of him anyway. He can usually be found in an inn or other establishment where people gather.
His speech pattern is peculiar. Most things he says are just short declarative sentences, or random tidbits of information that seem not to share any connection.
However on occasion he says stuff that is of great interest to some people, which has caused a few scuffles in several establishments. At this point he is usually gently shuffled out by the owner.
Tommy doesn't seem to care and just flies off to the next place. According to some he has made six orbits through all the places by now.
Given his nature to sometimes divulge sensitive and secret information, though no one is entirely sure how he learns of it, information brokers operating within the keep (including the intel office and the watch) keep someone nearby in case something sensitive(read:expensive) is leaked.
This type of duty is sometimes referred to as: watching the twaddle feed.
Tommy's one claim to fame is knowing the Duke personally. This has never been confirmed and nobody has bothered considering to ask the Duke if it is true.

Between 20-30 years old. He has no family. Lives in a small house in Euper. He is an utter featherweight when it comes to drinking. In case his silence is wanted he is fed a shot of whatever is cheapest or what's on the table and he goes down nearly instantly.
Upon waking up Tommy refers to this as "Having had a whale land on his head (again)."

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