Titian Verdane

Full Name: Duke Titian Verdane
Species: Untransformed Male
Creator: Charles Matthias
Location: Kelewair

Duke Titian Verdane is an ambitious but cautious man. He has ruled the Southern Midlands for many years now, and has quietly sought to increase the power of the Ecclesia throughout his lands and that of his neighbours. His sigil is that of a black wolf's head upon a red background. He lives in a red brick palace on the northern edge of the city of Kelewair. He is a very strong and capable leader of his people, working hard to keep his vassals in line.

There are two guiding principles in his life:

  1. Protect His Family Line - For generations, the Verdane family has ruled the Duchy in Kelewair, and he would have it continue to do so for many more.
  2. Unite the Midlands - His dream has been to see the various lands of the Midlands united under one throne - his. This goal he pursues diplomatically, and religiously. The more the Midlands comes under the sway of the Ecclesia, he feels the more likely the lands will look for direction to the Cardinal of Kelewair, the anointed Cardinal in the Midlands. To that end, he has fought the creation of another diocese in the Midlands, unless he can be certain his second son, Tyrion would be named Cardinal.
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