Thomas V

Full Name: Thomas V of the House of Hassan, Duke of Metamor, King of the Northern Midlands
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (horse)
Born: 670 CR1
Hair: Black mane, Brown fur
Eyes: Brown
Married to Alberta Artelanoth
Creator: Thomas Hassan

Position within Keep: Chief of State
Emblem: A red, rearing stallion on a black background

Duke Thomas Hassan V rules Metamor Keep from both the central courtrooms and chambers of the inner castle, but aslo out on the streets as he talks with the people of the Keep. He does this on a regular basis, not every day of course, but often enough that most at the Keep know him by more than just his title. He has many assistants that shadow his movements, most notably the his adoptive daughter Malisa (now the Prime Minister) and Steward Thalberg. After nearly succumbing to the power of a halter that sought to make him a horse in mind and body, he married Alberta Artelanoth in December 707, the very woman who was used to ensorcel him.


Thomas is mostly calm and quiet in official functions, but can be boisterous, talkative and sometimes a bit choleric in private. He will rarely raise his voice — but if he does, you can hear him clear across all courtyards — without an open door! He uses wine and other mood-altering substances sparingly, as he likes to have a clear head and his wits about him. If he has a vice, it is his love for the arts and letters, which will take precedence in almost all situations. He also is generous and long of patience, and will gladly forgive almost anything, even if directed with animosity against him. He will not forget injury to his friends, though.

Thomas is an NPC at the moment and not under the control of any one person. All requests to use him should be directed to the universe control or the forum. He CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum or Universe Controller first instead of his creator.2

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