Thanh Tan-mos

Name: Thanh Tan-mos
Race: Human
Physical Appearance: dark brown straight hair, reddish-brown beard, pale blue eyes, 5'8", light complexion and a little plump
Date of Birth: July 682 CR
Place of Origin: Kendalas, western Lom Shi'Un
First Appearance: Leaving Lom
Created by: AmigaDragon

In a land of Daedra worshipers ruled by the church of Lilith, Thanh secretly worshipped Aedra and was somehow found out (or perhaps was just framed and they got lucky). They put him in The Hunt intending to sacrifice him after, or failing that, to exile him. Having killed the hunters and secretly returned before anyone knew, he and his young apprentice Binh Miwen packed and departed under his own exile terms carrying far more than the normal exile would have allowed. They were far from town on their way to Metamor by the time the priestess found out he had beaten the hunters and temporarily disabled her imp assistant.

Updated description following the next stories.

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