Name: Teria
Race: Cursed human (wild cape dog)
Gender: female
Creator: Christian O'Kane
Description: Tall, thin, very out going and exuding sexuality. Dressing in as little as possible regardless of the weather.

If there is one one word to describe Teria it's sexuality. What little clothing she wears is meant to enhance her looks. Every movement of her body is soft and sultry. Merely walking across a room she is bound to get the attention of every male (and quite a few females!) around. She has many spells to enhance her beauty and keep her warm in even the coldest weather. She also has many meant to enhance her sexual pleasure.

Teria is a mage and a good one with a vast array of powerful spells at her command. She takes being a mage seriously and relishes a good magic duel immensely. She is not someone to be taken lightely.

Ferwig and Teria are an unusual couple even by the lax standards of Metamor Keep. Both arrived at the Keep in an unusual way - they attacked it!

The two were hired by Nasoj along with many other mercenaries to be the initial assault wave During Winter Assault. they were to Kill George but the old bandit defeated them and took them prisoner.

Later during Winter Assault they had the choice of working with a Long Scout traitor and taking Long House (and the Keep) or killing the traitor and saving Metamor. The allure of Metamor must have effected them hard as they killed the traitor and saved the lives of many hundreds of Keepers.

Afterwards they decided to stay at Metamor and have since let the curse take them both. She became a wild Cape dog (An African wild dog in real world terms) and definitely enjoys it!

The two have been together for a long time and lovers for most of that time. They have wandered most of the Midlands as mercenaries over the years.

They are old friends with George and that was one of the reasons they did change sides during winter Assault. They later explained that if Metamor could accept a person like George then there might be a place for them too.

They also knew Rickkter but are on far less friendly terms.

Teria has recently befriendly Danielle and became her tutor.

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