Name: Stealth (Orix Zachary)


Race: Cursed Human (cheetah)
Creator: Stealthcat

Recent History

Stealth's life changed when two keepers came to his small Northern Midlands town.
After their apparent theft, subsequent arrest and disappearance the humble scribe, due to his blasphemous beliefs and acceptance of their abominable northern neighbors, was accused of and imprisoned for collaborating with and aiding their escape. Said keepers broke him out later that same day and he went with them into self imposed exile up north, allowing the curse to take him.

Recently Stealth has become a scout. He is good enough at it that he was made Squad leader.


He's close friends with Alex - a TG, Rugger - a crippled dragon and Fell, who is ironically a gazelle morph. Stealth has been befriended by Edmund Delacot who is a fellow cheetah morph although one who contrasts strongly. Edmund is a Paladin of the follower faith and an experienced Knight in the command of a small legion. Stealth on the other hand is an atheist with no real combat experience outside a ‘street fight’ with Lutins at one time and some other such brawls with thieves in the derelict streets of a ghost town.

Members of his squad

Dasan: a wolf morph who was quite a bit taller than Stealth. His head and muzzle were tattooed with blue and red lines that marked him as a warrior from a human tribe north of the valley. Although exactly which tribe Stealth did not know. He was wearing armor made of small, palm sized squares of steel. His shield was hexagon shaped in that it had six edges but the four side parts were longer than the top and bottom. This gave the shield an odd rectangular shape. Dasan had a crossbow in hand. On his back was a quiver filled with a score of bolts and a short sword dangled from his belt in a leather sheath.

Mairsil: Woman. Slightly shorter than Dasan. Her body was slimmer and trimmer but still her muscles showed when she moved. Mairsil had a large composite bow strapped to her back and a quiver dangled from her belt. Her long, brown hair was tied tightly into a bun.

Adelyte: Human. Taller and stockier but the woman had the muscles and movements of a soldier. She had a spear in one hand and a bow and quiver strapped to her back. A jagged scar along her right cheek was a reminder of a fight with a Lutin.

Utilizing the Curse

Stealth now works as a courier taking advantage of his full form as a cheetah to make deliveries. In addition he has been taught how to become a cheetah taur by Misha Brightleaf.


Affects of the Curse

Stealth feels awkward around other animal morphs because to his feline side they're ether prey, competition or predator where as he's more comfortable around full humans because they smell 'neutral' except for Edmund, because Ed is his ‘cheetah-coalition’ partner. In fact, he feels most comfortable in an open field or a high place from which he can see any threat approach.

The cheetah hopes in vain that the curse will ‘recess’ and leave him as he was when it first took him – a cheetah in body only, or rather, as a human in a ‘fur coat’ so to speak.

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