Seranima Eloniv

Name: Dame Seranima Eloniv (Formerly Sir Kyle Eloniv)
Race: Cursed Human (Gender Bender)
Age: 28
Sex: Female (Born Male)
Creator: Hawl Enroygall

Sir Kyle Eloniv was transporting his older sister Seranima somewhere safe during a vicious attack by Nasoj. A curse was placed over the three gates which had earned this battle it's name.

Kyle and Seranima were overcome with lustful desire as they both traded and engaged in sex. The two went at it like the animals they would have become had they been elsewhere at the Keep. Kyle came too, half naked and with the body of a beautiful woman, he saw a handsome, but delirious, man pulling out of him. Acting out of shock she used her steel gauntlet encased hands to snap his neck. To her horror, she found herself not only the spitting image of her sister, but after she had been informed of what happened she came to the realization that the man she killed was her late sister.

To help cope with the guilt, she took on her sister's name "Seranima" as penance and has others refer to her as "Dame Seranima"

in March 708 CR Seranima began developing a friendship with the Tiger/Spider Hawl Enroygall, where she told him the story shortly after he was pardoned and discovered to not be Nasoj after all. Seranima claims the Hawl reminds her of her old sister and thus, comforted by him. Was unable to join Fourth Gate despite being interested due to Princess Malisa wanting no one currently on military staff to be involved.

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