Full name: Scratch
Race: Cursed human (tiger morph)
Creator: Scratch N. Post

Scratch is the only son of Julian Saunders, the world's most infamous and feared thief. After his father died, Scratch was raised by the Thieves Guild. They trained him to become the perfect assassin and thief, making him utilize every muscle in his body as a weapon along with his mind. Scratch had a powerful, ancient spell cast upon him, that freed his shadow from his body. After losing a battle with his shadow, Scratch was found by the Keepers, and taken into the Keep where he remained unconscious for nearly five months. Since he was healed by the Lightbringer, he has to pay a price. Scratch must spend five years of his life under the service of Akkala; if he breaks any of the terms, he shall die. He is currently infatuated with Pascal, but cannot tell her of his love for fear it will not be requited.

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