Full name: Sawana
Race: Magicked sea otter Hipoccian
Date of death: Late September, 706 CR
Creator: Oren the Otter
First appearance: Oren

Sawana was the childhood friend of Oren of Hipocc. She harbored a romantic crush on Oren which he never reciprocated.


She was the one to witness Oren take a forbidden drink from Hipocc's magic lake, despite her warnings. After a speech impediment developed, Ana advised him to visit the healer Nana, despite her being on the council of elders. After the subsequent meeting with the elders, Oren chose self-exile and left Hipocc.[1]

Sawana remained in Hipocc until it was destroyed by an invasion from Devil's Strand. She left to find Oren, carrying with her a bottle of magic lake water. She told him of Hipocc's destruction, and asked him to rejoin the refugees, but he turned her down, as Metamor Keep was his home now.[2]

She remained at Metamor Keep, but spent the next few months conflicted about her next course of action. Unlike her fellow Hipoccians Oren and Felice, she was not arrested and put on trial. She reacted badly to Oren's curses[4], but later, during a visit to Oren in prison, she was impressed by his resolve to protect Vitra.[5]

After Oren's trial, she drank the entire bottle of lake water, hoping to become just like him. She overdosed and immediately began to change into a sea otter, possibly to lose her mind and her life as well. A dose of Rupert's supply of antimagic helped to stabilize her, but it was not enough to save her. Despite Coe's and Wessex's efforts, and Oren's expedition to Hipocc to gather more antimagic, she died less than a day before his return.


She was described as stout yet beautiful by Oren. She did not seem to be deeply religious, given her confusion at Ye's Follower ceremony, though she did accept and show comfort from their counsel[3].

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