The Gods of Heaven (Aedra Lords)
Kammoloth (King of the Gods)
Akkala (Healing, Purity)
Samekkh (Wisdom, Light, Knowledge)
Dokorath (Honor, War, Valor)
Velena (Love, Beauty, Truth)
Artela (Nature, Mercy)
Dvalin (Weather, Agriculture, Wine)
Wvelkim (The Sea, Marine Life, Sailing)
Yajiit (Fire, The Sun)

Samekkh (sə-MÉKH) is the god of wisdom, light, and knowledge. He is Kammoloth's half-brother; together with Dokorath, they form the triumvirate that guides the long-term strategies of the gods in their ongoing struggle against the daedra lords.

Appearance & Personality

Samekkh usually appears as a wise-looking man of Kitchlander, Sonngefilder or Irombian descent, often somewhat aged, with gray-white hair and a beard. He wears a silvery white robe, and has piercing blue eyes, which occasionally flash and glitter with emotion (usually anger).

Samekkh is a champion of logic, reason and intellect, and tends to be a bit crotchety. He has little use for concepts like love and passion, believing that mortals should let their minds govern their lives and relationships rather than emotions.

Divine Intervention

Samekkh's primary method of assisting mortals is in sending prophetic visions of the future. These visions are generally vague and symbolic and require careful thought in order to interpret them properly (which Samekkh considers an added benefit, since it promotes intellectual discipline).

Samekkh also gives the Lothanasi and his disciples a variety of light-based spells, which can counter magical darkness or even burn the cleric's enemies.

Most other requests for aid from Samekkh are likely to be refused; he prefers to see mortals use ingenuity and reason to solve their own problems.


Samekkh's disciples are few; the Lord of Light requires his followers to pursue a life of strict asceticism and ritual devotion, often in remote places far removed from mortal society.

The most famous of Samekkh's disciples are the Oracles, a line of women chosen by the god to channel his prophetic powers and record the visions he sends them. The writings of the Oracles are preserved by the Lothanasi as holy scripture, though the prophecies can often be so vague that they are forgotten or overlooked for centuries.

Known Disciples: Ophelia, Oracle of Samekkh.

Offspring and Servants

Samekkh's most notable children are The Fates, whom he fathered with Nocturna, and The Muses, who are the product of his relatively brief relationship with Velena. He also fathered the first of the race of daedra known as the Dream Walkers.


Aura: Silver light.

Holy Symbol: A stylized serpent's eye.

Symbolic Creature: Serpent.

Holy Day: Samek'kema, August 2nd. The Lothanasi observe this day by lighting a sacred fire in the temple and burning a special mixture of herbs and flowers that is believed to open the mind to receive visions from Samekkh. Merai received such a vision during the Samek'kema of 707 CR.1

d20 Notes

Greater Deity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Oracle
Weapon of the Deity: Spell-Storing Quarterstaff

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