Name: Sir Samantha
Race: Cursed human (female gendermorph)
Residence: Metamor Valley
Occupation: Retired knight
Creator: Oren Otter

Samantha used to be a knight of Metamor. Her transition to a woman reduced her height by a foot. She was fond of being a man, though, and she often wears a false mustache when she is feeling nostalgic.

She lives by herself in an isolated hut near the mountains. She is very fond of dragons, and has decorated her home with dragon paintings and sculptures. Even the trees outside have been made into draconic topiary.

She has few friends, although that is changing. Gornul became friends with her in the summer of 706 CR, and he has been introducing to other people around the Keep, such as with Saulius, with whom she has been swapping tales of knighthood.

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