Name: Salona Salona Oshanlukura Kandura
Gender: Female (?)
Race: Automaton Sabercat
Height: 4' tall and 8 feet long
Weight: ?
Age (in 708CR) 3,247 years old
Creator Christian Okane
First Appearance Twilight Before the Dawn (

Salona is something all too rare an Automaton. Recently (Cr707) The Marigund Mages Guild discovered they had the pieces of an automaton on their property. After a long effort to find and assemble the pieces Salona woke up.

She woke up to a world 5 centuries change. The Seuilman empire was gone and everyone she knew dead. Slowly she is adapting to a new world.

The body was robust and muscular like a bear's but compact, condensed… strength distilled and refined into precisely calibrated power. The hind legs were proportionally shorter than the front legs and the spine sloped down towards the short, lynx like tail. This cat was not a fast runner but the muscular body and legs spoke of immense power. A thick, muscular neck connected the head to the body. Foot long front teeth protruded downward from a short muzzle. From the bottom of her paws to the top of her head Salona stood over four feet tall. and was over eight feet long from nose to tail. the spotted pattern on her skin reminded Misha of the rosette shaped ones on a panther. But these spots were of silver and electrum on a skin made of brass, bronze and gold. The long teeth like great curving daggers, sharp as winter's bite. Above them were whiskers of bronze so finely crafted that, even in slumber, they gently swayed with a passing breeze. The entire metal creature had been cleaned and polished and glistened in the light. The only sign of wear was a slight pitting and scratching on the teeth and a few dents on the right shoulder.

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