Rudy Rumberg

Name: Rudolph Rumberg
Race: Cursed Human (magpie)
Physical Appearance:
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin:
First Appearance:
Created by: AmigaDragon

(work in progress, subject to change)
As a child, Rudy had fallen off a wagon, hitting his head. Since then he has been as a five-year-old child while his body matured to adulthood. After their parents died, his brother Manny took care of him. Following Manny to Metamor, the curse that made him a magpie not only cured the Bradanes affliction but also healed his childhood injury. This did not immediately bring him up to his actual age in mental maturity but it did finally let him continue to mature. After a couple months he was up to a point where he could join the messenger service in the Keep. By January 708 he has already progressed up to early teenage maturity.

Because of his long tail and immaturity, Rudy frequently catches his tail in doors, kinking his tail feathers. This will continue to some extent at least through summer 708. Until he grows out of this tendency, his full-magpie form (if used) will also have kinked tail feathers.

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