Name: Rorlyn Colqoyt (used in Metamor. His real human name is not known)
Race: Cursed Human (Gryphon: form locked)
Gender: Male
Born: 682 CR
Fur: Golden Eagle front, Lion Hindquarters
Eyes: Golden
Height: 7'9" at shoulder, 9'6" top of head
Faith: Lothanasi
Created by: Kamau

Position within Metamor: None-Newly transformed


Rorlyn is an apprentice mage who was on the verge of being a journeyman. He has studied under a mysterious Master Mage in of all places the magic paranoid kingdom of Pyralis. After his Master goes on a mission to the south but fails to return in the allotted time, Rorlyn waits another year and a half for his return. During this time he devotes himself to studying his Master's books and practicing the spells found there. He also develops a spell that allows him to discern when a person is being truthful allowing him to excel in bargaining and as he finds by accident at cards. This however proves to be his undoing as a Pyralian noble, angered over his losses in a game, seeks to imprison the mage. Hearing of Metamor Rorlyn flees north thinking that should danger come he could retreat to the valley long enough to shake his pursuers. In Midtown he uses his skill to pose as a merchant earning a sizable sum of money in the process. When he learns that the curse can not work on magic itself the young mage believes he can protect himself from the curse by magically changing himself into the likeness of a Keeper. Eventually, after being assigned to a long patrol, he stays too long and the curse does take him.

Daily Life

For now Rorlyn's life is one of menial labor as his forms great strength allows him to move heavy objects with ease. Thus he is found unloading heavy casks, barrels and other such items throughout the Keep. His size also allows him to lift objects from the ground and to the second floor of a building. He also devotes his spare time to learning his new body as well as relearning to speak and cast spells. Once he learns to fly he intends to aid the Keep by patrolling from the air.

Family, Friends & Allies

Jami, Darion, Sal, Katelyn Farrara, Cale Witowik, Master Jesse Öresund, Quickpaw and Kiska Gryfin,


Rorlyn is an accomplished mage and by the reckoning of Master Jesse far ahead of other journeymen. He is proficient in a number of spells however most are those of a shop mage or enchanter. While his Master did teach him a few defensive spells for his own protection most of the combat spells he knows are derived from his Master's books. These focus in two areas; Fire and Light/Natural Energy. Master Jesse suspects that when using these spells certain modifications the young mage has made to them allow him to tap a yet unknown source of power.

Rorlyn also has two natural non magic abilities that serve him well. He is good with math and he has an eidetic memory. In addition possesses a medallion given to him by his Master that offers protection against most weapons and a number of spells. The medallion however draws on the wearer's own magic and thus can weaken him if used too much.


Before his change Rorlyn was a self confident young mage whose only desire was to use magic and grow in his knowledge of it. While a merchant he was a hard bargainer and set on gaining as much as he could from a deal. His attitude toward Keepers was that they were misfortunate people who were good to make money off from and little more. He even, at times, enjoyed using his lion morph form to trigger the prey animal instinct so many had to fight.

Due to the patrol he went on and his change into a gryphon he has been greatly humbled. Fear and doubt are emotions that he fights as he attempts to regain much of what he has lost. His experience on the patrol that caused his delay and eventual curse has given him a great appreciation for the Keepers as a noble people. The night after returning from the patrol he considered aiding them whenever he returned to the Keep. Now that he has been cursed himself he desires all the more to be one with them in defending their home.

He is of the Lothanasi faith but fears more then worships the pantheon of gods. He has very strong moral and ethical values. He asks charity from no one and somewhat grudgingly accepts it. The reason he has become a common laborer is to allow him to pay for his lodging in the stable at the inn, something the owner had offered him for free.

He easily gets frustrated at his failures and at his beastly form. So far he has not been troubled by any instincts however neither has he experience much aid from them in learning how to be a gryphon. Only the tutorage of Quickpaw and Kiska have awakened anything discernable as a useful instinct.


His over all goal is to become as good a mage as he was before his change. For this the young mage must learn to speak again having lost that ability in his transformation. He must also learn how to gesture with the claws he now has in place of his hands. Unlike other magic, save rune, the magic taught to him by his Master requires intricate patterns, called a khord, be made with fingers. Unlike rune magic the patterns do not create symbols but would better be compared to a musician plucking the strings of a lute.

He also wants to learn to fly. This skill has not come naturally to him with his change even though he took his 'first flight' within hours of his change. His goal toward the Keep is to become a useful and contributing member of Metamor now that he is a true Keeper.

Physical Appearance

As a gryphon he is half golden eagle and half lion. His overall size is larger than a draft horse. With wings folded his back is nearly eight feet off the ground and the top of his head rises another foot and a half above them. He is too wide for most common doors and thus can seldom enter a house.

His head and neck are purely that of a Golden Eagle with the exception of size and a pair of long feathered ears atop his head. His beak begins near his face as an orange band but changes shortly after that to a grey that darkens to a black tip at the end. His eyes are the golden bronze of the eagle. The feathered eagle neck disappears into the thick black lion mane that runs over his shoulders and down the sides of his chest. The front of his chest is covered with the dark brown and gold feathers of the eagle. His mane borders this on each side much like hair borders a face. His forelegs jut out from his mane and are also covered with the eagle feathers all the way to his yellow avian feet. Each toe is tipped with a black talon.

His lion body, covered in typical tawny brown fur, starts at the bottom of his ribcage where his mane ends. His lion tail has a black tuff of fur at its end. His hind legs and paws, with retractable claws, are oversized versions of the lion. He also has a series of feathers to each side of his tail. When in flight these fan out taking much the same form as an eagle's tail. When not in use they fold downward and rest against his legs though at times he will fan them out in their lowered position for modesty's sake.


Two for the Price of One

General Notes

While Rorlyn had great patients in learning spells this has not carried over into learning his new form. He constantly gets frustrated and feels he is not mastering his new body fast enough. While he has discovered that he can cast simple spells which require no gesture he is also greatly concerned about relearning the form of magic taught to him by his Master.

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