Also known as: Kishu (family name unknown, see footnote later on about name origin)
Gender: Female
Curse: TG
Race: Centaur1
Height: Indeterminate2
Weight: Indeterminate
Birthdate: Indeterminate
Creator: Stephen Tigner
Country of Origin: Yamato

Appearance: Originally from Yamato, her human features are Asian (specifically what would be termed Japanese in our world, since Yamato is the MK analog of Japan), but due to being combined with a kirin, her hair is red, a color not typically found among those from that area of the world, and is usually kept in a braid. Her equine half is pure white, with hooves that appear more golden in color than those you would normally expect to see on a horse. Typically Rois does not have the horn one would typically expect a kirin to have. That being said, it's within the realm of possibility her horn may show up in certain circumstances3….

This information is a work in progress. Some of it is based on the existing stories. But the author is currently in the process of re-writing and fleshing out said stories, so some of this information may change, and some of it may be the new information already.


Originally named Kishu (changed to Rois when he became she4), he was the youngest son of a Japanese noble, and was likely to not inherit much based on how many others were ahead of him. He spent much of his time riding around Yamato on his steed and friend, Rakurai. Rakurai is a kirin that Kishu somehow bonded with at a young age. Rakurai's nature as a kirin is a secret, however, and he had never been seen in a form other than that of a white horse. Most people thought that Kishu's mount was just a smart and well-trained horse.

During one of his travels, he came upon a region that was being terrorized by an insane wizard. This wizard was using his magics experiment on extracting the "essence" of animals and bakemono (Yamato monsters, mythical beings such as kirin), and during their confrontation at the wizard's fortress, Kishu and Rakurai were merged into a single being, a centaur.5 Kishu has full control of the combined body, with Rakurai reduced to a voice in Kishu's head.

Kishu eventually found his way to Metamor Keep, where he came to research western magics in an attempt to find a cure for his merged condition. He arrived at the keep before the Battle of the Three Gates, and was hit with the TG curse either during or shortly after the battle. (The author has yet to get to that point in his writings, and the where, what, and why of Rois during said battle is yet to be determined.)

Friends and Allies


As mentioned above, Rakurai was Kishu's mount, a kirin stallion.


Being from Rois' native Yamato, these two became quick friends. Rois' also helped Ryou with acclimating, translating for him and helping arrange language study for him. In return, Ryou agreed to train Rois' three students (see below) in eastern techniques and weaponry, since Rois could not as easily pass along what she had learned of such, due to no longer being human.

Rois' Apprentices

A set of identical triplets, with uncontrolled magic potential. They came to the keep for training, since everywhere else they'd been had kicked them out due to uncontrolled releases of their magics, and not having found anyone else to train them. The reasons for why noone else had been able to train them, is that their magical potential uses a magic system known (and useable) by very few. (Rois and the sensei who taught her being the most notable examples.) Their names are Colin, Drake, and Aisha (originally Myeshia).

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