Full Name: Roger
Gender: Male
Race: Garden Snail
Creator: Michael Bard
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 500 lbs
Shell: Light brown with darker brown and black markings
Flesh: Transparent. Makes it easier to find broken bones.
Eyes: Pale
First Appearance: A Few Days in Heaven

Introduction: Roger is one of the many faceless support staff that keep Metamor running so that all the heros and godlings can do their stuff. In his case, his specialty is maintaining the Metamor gardens, in particular the various kinds of shrubbery. Whilst the important characters are running around, slaying lutins, make decisions that affect the fate of thousands, Roger slides along keeping the backdrops looking good.

Family and Friends: He could really use some.

Personality: Very bitter. A gardener before the curse with friends, now a gardener after the curse with no friends. Hey, would YOU want to clean up the slime trail he leaves behind? He lives for his work, as everything else of importance leaves him far behind.

Dreams: The day when somebody will say thank you. Less likely, but almost as much a fiction, the day when the herbivores will stop eating the roses!

Physical Notes: Roger is a giant snail. Not much more can be said. He usually has a harness over his shell to hold the necessary tools of his trade. Sometimes he needs one over his body, but the leather needs to last long. Roger can go anywhere, and can often be found half way up a wall to get at a particularly precious vine, or upside down on an archway cleaning off the spiderwebs everybody else refuses to get to.

Skills: He can maintain gardens. And— umm— I guess he COULD curl up into his shell and be used as a giant bowling ball to deal with densely packed mobs of lutins…

NOTE: Due to the recent death of Michael Bard - Roger is an NPC. All requests to use him should be directed to the universe control or the forum. He CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum of Universe Controller first.

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